Thursday, July 14, 2011

the ñ in pinch

so yeah i just found out that the word Piñch is actually the Spanish version of Fuck... so yeah. Anyways i was just adding the ñ just cause i thought it was funny i had no idea it meant fuck. but that would be funny if i had a crab named "respectable man fuck" :p

Monday, July 11, 2011

Señoir Pinch

    So right now I am drawing a crab the goes by the name Señior Pinch. It all started with a simple drawing like this that i drew on the back of my test for Oceanography.
 But before he was Señior Pinch he was gentlemen pinch
 But then i realized the a crab bandito would be much funner to draw :p
So expect more pics and maybe a comic of this crab :p

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Its always fun to be bored in class cause that is when I get the most drawings done. Though normally i only do 3/4 head pic. These two pics happen to be girls.

Muscle man

A rough I did of a muscle man. I have turned this character as well as changed him into an 1920's tough guy. But until I get a proper scanner (and not an iPhone camera) I wont be able to post the full turns. 


Hello my name is ballzy. I am young and hungry for every thing that is art. I wish to eventually get a job in the animation industry.  Even though I have a lot to learn and should draw more often, but that is why I am starting this blog. So when I don't post people say  "hey ballzy why are you not posting?" and I will come up with a lame excuse then post something two hours later :p. Anyways I am still an amateur attending classes at The Animation Academy, so any comment or heads up are always welcomed. plz enjoy "Hell Yes!" and have fun on my blog :D